We are organizing! Please join us. The Wisconsin Craft Beer Association is a venture to support the craft beverage industry in Wisconsin. Our goals are big and important but with your help, we can achieve them:

WCBA Goals:

  1. Expand the Wisconsin brand within the craft industry to include farmers, craft beverage makers, retailers, and everyone else that loves and depends on Wisconsin’s craft economies.
  2. Promote Wisconsin agriculture and improve the sustainability of craft beverage related farming.
  3. Increase the market share and profitability of everyone in the Wisconsin craft beverage industry.
  4. Increase the diversity within Wisconsin’s craft beverage business owners and customers.
  5. Make it easier to compete against mega brewers and multi-national beverage companies.
  6. Increase the wages of everyone in the industry: from the farmer, to the brewer, to the worker.
  7. Improve the protections against the risks unique to the craft beverage industry as well as offer insurance solutions through collective bargaining and purchasing.