One of the primary goals of the WCBA is to have a strong and lasting voice in the state capitol. Large brewers have long enjoyed a warm reception in Madison but they do not have the interests of the craft brewer in mind. As craft beverages threaten to achieve larger market shares, advocates and lobbyists for large, industrial breweries have attempted to use their legislative presence to maintain an edge.

We intend to change that. Our initial legislative goals are few but important. First, we hope to give Wisconsin farmers that supply Wisconsin brewers and customers a boost. Nothing will sustain a strong craft beverage industry like a thriving agricultural foundation. Second, it needs to be easier for brewers to reach customers and potential customers without being constrained by old, post-prohibition laws and crushing distribution contracts. Third, we recognize that craft brewers and farmers (and their employees) struggle to make a living while significantly contributing to the local and regional economies. We owe it to these hardworking people to assist wherever possible and relieve some of the pressure on their limited budgets. Wisconsin has a long brewing tradition and an equally firm commitment to our family farms. Its time to extend that commitment to our growing agricultural industry: the Wisconsin craft beverage industry.